Maxim Gorky-150 / Poster Competition

Gorky-150 is the Poster campaign that is dedicated to the 150 anniversary of world known Russian writer Maxim GORKY.
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27164918_1019785241494487_2877890605539277241_oGORKY-150  / Poster by Zhu Ray / China


The New Winds: Contemporary Iranian Design

San Mateo, CA from April 16 – May 14, 2018.
Dar Al Founon EX 01
Poster by Reza Abedini

The Digital Media Department at College of San Mateo and The Posterterritory present The New Winds exhibition which will take place at the College of San Mateo

The objective of the exhibition is to give the American audience a chance to experience a culture, a people, and letterforms that may be unknown or misunderstood. It’s is a great event for designers, educators, and anyone interested in cultural exchange.

Thanks for support that comes from Vije School /Iran/ and Majid Abbasi


The 4th Block 2018


Two Days Left
Deadline is January 15,
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The International Triennial of the environmental, social and eco-educational poster
“The 4th Block” is a unique event aimed at support of social and environmental ideas, upholding principles of sustainable development of the society and safe environmental policies through art and design.

Every three years since 1991, the triennial has been accumulating and visually presenting works of designers from more than 50 countries of the world, covering various social, environmental and eco-cultural issues from different angles. By means of posters in a concise, bright and understandable form, the authors not only introduce the viewer to the eco-social issues but encourage human to think in this direction. The posters, which are submitted to the collection of the Triennial “The 4th Block” are the basis of ecological and social exhibitions and campaigns constantly held in Ukraine and abroad. These works are bright motivators of struggle for purity of the environment, for development of alternative energy and for introduction of energy-saving technologies.

Rebranding the Russian Avant-garde

Riverside Art Museum, CA
Exhibition: January 7 – March 25, 2014
Reception: February 6, 2014, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Guest Curator: Olga Severina 

Forged in the molten crater of the vanishing Russian empire scorched by the revolution, the Russian avant-garde was driven by a burgeoning need for political endorsements and nourished by a previously unfamiliar and yet overwhelming sensation of living in a new, liberated society that encouraged ingenuity, enthused imaginations, and incited all forms of artistic expression. This eruption of creative freedoms introduced a new concept of art that moved away from the classical form and presented an art of simplicity and functionality. Together with the rise of social propaganda, it turned conventional artists like Alexander Rodchenko, El Lizzitsky, Vladimir Tatlin, Vasyl Yermylov, Vladimir Mayakovsky, and many others into forefathers of commercial advertising and forbearers of what we now recognize as modern graphic design, identity creation, and branding.

The exhibit will feature selected works from recent international poster projects, including the Rodchenko 120and Mayakovsky 120 poster campaigns curated by Sergey Serov (Russia) and the Design Sphere poster exhibit curated by Vladimir Lesnyak (Ukraine), which celebrates the greatest writers, scientists, and artists of the Russian avant-garde.

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95/95. Nelson Mandela Poster Project

A group of South African designers launched a celebration of the life of Nelson Mandela on the occasion of his 95th birthday by selecting 95 exceptional posters from around the world that honor his lifelong contribution to humanity. An independent team of volunteers, known as the Mandela Poster Project Collective, curated the set from 700 posters submitted by designers in more than 70 countries.
Posters by Gyula Gefin (Canada)  and  Carlos Andrade (Venezuela)

l_Gyula-Gefin-(Canada) l_Carlos-Andrade-(Venezuela)


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